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Intellectual Property

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Best advocates in trivandrum

VG Nair and associates, leading law firm in Trivandrum, help turn your ideas into profits. Let us help to protect your ideas from being stolen by anyone else. To ensure this, we offer you two paths to choose from as per your immediate requirement:

The Path of Litigation

Here, we offer our dynamic expertise of advocates, the best lawyers in trivandrum, who will cater to your needs to protect your valuable ideas. We design and implement the drafting and prosecution strategies according to the requirement of the clients, and our role in this will be to foresee any upcoming complexity that can be avoided so that the clients can avoid extra time-consumption, litigation or unnecessary payments. This is our guarantee as client satisfaction and protection is out utmost priority.

The following services in IP litigation are provided by us:


  • We use state of the art technology to extend our services to corporations, domestic companies, start-ups, etc.
  • Our team uses offensive as well as defensive strategies to overcome nuances or obstacles faced during litigation process to protect trademarks, trade dress, domain name, etc.
  • In our litigation procedure, we will carry-out investigations, negotiate with conflicting trademarks, file for cancellation, opposition, etc. at the Trademark Registry or High Courts.
  • Further we offer due-diligence services in Trademark analysis for mergers and acquisitions. We will also assist you for Trademark renewal or dispute resolution.


  • Patents are a masterpiece. They possess within them immense value as they range from a wide array of subject from chemical engineering, biodiversity, plant varieties, traditional knowledge, pharmaceuticals to software programs, integrated circuitry, trade knowledge, etc.
  • We will automatically tailor our prosecution strategies in accordance with the patent drafting strategies.
  • Our services extends to complete application after provisional application
  • On your behalf, we will respond to First Examination Report/Office actions and conduct oral proceedings.
  • If you request, we will appeal to the High Court with your application to ensure that no justice for your application goes unmet.
  • Last but not the least, to prioritise your benefits, we will help in the renewal and restoration of your patent application.


  • The past decade has observed an immense shift in the copyright field as more digital and technological advances have occurred. This is where we come to your rescue. Our attorneys are well versed in the digital aspects of copyright as well as the traditional area of copyright.
  • Our copyright litigation team can handle complex anti-piracy issues, anti-counterfeiting issues faced by publishers, gamers and broadcasters,
  • We will help you to secure licenses and transactions


  • Our comprehensive team of legal experts who understand that the innovative shape, pattern, configuration and ornamentation of your product must be protected from infringement will provide you with their utmost productivity so that you will gain maximum benefits from your design.
  • Our services for design protection extends to areas such as electronics and communication devices, fashion and clothing designs, bio-medical devices, industrial tools, automobile parts, aviation components, etc.
  • We will provide you with our due diligence services and help to assess potential risks and help you to avoid them so that your design will be protected from infringement.
  • Our services will also include assignment and licensing facilities along with renewal of your design.

Geographical Indications

  • GI is an indication that a product originated from a particular area. The importance of protecting a GI is to ensure that the reputation of that territory is preserved in the form of that product.
  • Having a GI tag will help you acquire legal protection, exclusive rights and it will boost the demand and sale of your product.
  • Our skilled prosecution team will strive to protect your GI tag from being passed-off, represented falsely and used in an unauthorized manner.

The path of registrations

Every idea must be expressed and registered so that no one else can take them away from you. We understand that registration of you IP is in itself a tedious process, and that is why we want to guide you throughout the registration process. What we keep in mind is the client’s time, we wish to minimize litigation procedure as much as possible just so that your time will be saved. In order to turn this into a reality, we will assist you with due-diligence so that every step in the registration process is simplified and quick. We offer registration services for:


  • We understand the diversity of the patents and hence, our experts will cater to your requirements using strong innovative tools and file applications of broad natures.
  • We offer you with our professional patent attorneys who are well experienced in articulating successful patent drafting and protection strategies as harboured by you, our valuable client. Our high-end patent search technologies will help to conceptualize your product and push it till commercialization.
  • We will ensure that our patent searches clear out obstacles faced in novelty, and help to deliver a perfect draft which can enter the market to enhance your profits.
  • Expired patents will be recognized.
  • We will investigate any opposing competitors and help you file your patent application in a timely and successful manner.
  • Further, we will continue to remain in touch with you to assist you with any modifications or to bridge any gaps until your patented product hits the market.


  • The goodwill of your company rests upon the trademark you choose. This is why selection and registration plays an important role in deciding the future of your company, hence our legal team will tightly stick with you to make sure that your business will prosper through your trademark.
  • We will track trademarks, manage them and deliver an express IP service to you. Just as the trademark is unique, the authentic uniqueness of our clients will be respected and encouraged by us.
  • After delivering awareness to you about identical or duplicate trademarks, we will proceed with filing and registering your trademark.


  • In compliance to various international treaties signed by India, our legal attorneys will help to minimize your trouble in registering for your copyright.

Designs Registration

  • The unique design of your product must never be breached by another party.
  • Be it an innovation handicraft design, jewellery, fashion, bio-medical device, industrial tools, etc., our expert team will help to enforce your design by registering it.

Geographical Indication

  • Not many are aware about the legal benefits from registering a product for a Geographical Indication tag.
  • We will explain to you about all the benefits you can derive from registering your product for a GI.
  • By reducing the stress over the complicated and time-consuming process of registering a GI, we will prove to you about our priority of client wellbeing.

Logo Registration

  • Since we understand the importance of having a perfect logo to boost your company’s identity and business, we will help you to select a logo which is outstanding, eye-capturing and unforgettable.
  • We will help to register your logo in the shortest time period possible so that you can focus more on your company and we will carry out the legal stress.

We will help you to trademark your logo so that it will not be infringed. You will be left with superior rights over your logo.